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About the Course

Let's go sidemount diving!!!! Why learn how to dive using the sidemount configuration? There are so many benefits with diving on a sidemount configuration, for eg, can dive for longer periods when diving with 2 tanks, having no weight on your back, being more streamlined, more freedom of movement, customization of gear, and many many more reasons! Speaking of gear, the RAZOR sidemount setup boasts impressive lineage, being designed, tested and used by world renowned divers, Steve Bogaerts & HP Hartmann, who are diving experts and cave explorers. They travel around the world teaching RAZOR sidemount instructors on how to use, setup and teach students on their gear.

Why choose to do your RAZOR Sidemount Course with us:

  • We are an authorized Official RAZOR Training Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Tom Chan, our Course Director, is a certified RAZOR Sidemount Instructor and comes with many years of training and teaching, and he will show you how to maximise the usage of your RAZOR gear, as well as take you to the next level in your sidemount training!


  • Open water diver or equivalent

RAZOR Sidemount Rescue Workshop



Package Includes:

  • RAZOR Rescue digital manual

  • 1/2 day theory class and review of skills

  • 1-2 days Confined open water training session, subject to mastery of learning

  • 4 open water dives

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