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The emergency regulator according to Seac. Octo Synchro and X-10 Octo: Seac proposes solution for a reliable and long-lasting emergency second stage that allows natural effortless breathing.Even if the specs differ, the common denominator is maximum functionality.Octo Synchro material: ultralight technopolymers • X-10 Octo material: technopolymers, elastomers and ultralight alloys (Hi-Flex hose included).




  • OWS rubber covers to guarantee the top-notch performance (X-10 Octo).
  • Membrane block safety system.
  • Functional “Easy Purge System” cap (Octo Synchro).
  • RINA Certifications for Cold Water CE EN 250 2000

Seac Synchro Octopus

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