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SEAC P-Synchro is ideal for all divers looking for a simple regulator with excellent performance and reliability. SEAC P-Synchro is characterized by a compensating piston first stage and is equipped with 1 HP and 4 LP ports. The second stage is simple and functional with a large intake diaphragm ensuring natural breathing. It is possible to adjust the Venturi effect with a simple lever. SEAC P-Synchro is respected by both experienced divers and beginners who seek quality, price, and reliability. Available with INT and DIN 230 BAR. All SEAC regulators are Made in Italy.


First stage

Piston first stage with one high pressure and 4 low pressure outlets


Second stage

Simple and functional second stage. Its large diaphragm ensures natural breathing at all times and the Venturi effect can be adjusted with a simple lever. Available with INT and DIN 230 BAR fittings.

Seac P-synchro + Octo

SKU: 10466
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