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The Plana Avanti X3 diving fins have a good quality-price rapport. Their characteristics make them easy to use and durable. The classic ABS system strap means they can be adjusted with one hand.


The Plana Avanti X3 diving fins have a medium strength blade and an open foot pocket.

The 3-channel design allows the fin to arch while moving.

The stabilizers stop the water from flowing over the sides of the fin, creating great thrust with little force. Muscle strength is transformed in to propulsion.

Available in sizes XS to XL, these fins have 3 color variants: yellow, blue and black.

The main characteristics of the Plana Avanti X3 fins are:

• ABS Plus buckles which can be adjusted with one hand
• 3 channels for maximum thrust
• Stabilizers
• A mid-sized blade which is made to last


Plana Avanti X3

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