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Dive into Adventure: Uncovering the Benefits of Learning to Scuba Dive.

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people go scuba diving? It is estimated that there are between 6-9 million active scuba divers worldwide. Unfortunately, the scuba diving industry is not a regulated industry and the lack of statistics makes it difficult to get the precise number, especially in Malaysia. Nerveless, here are some reasons why all these people learn scuba diving.

1. Travel and exploration. If you like to travel to different places and explore them then probably you would like to explore parts of 71% of the earth’s surface, which is covered by water. We have only explored less than 20% of the underwater world.

2. Dive in reefs and with marine creatures. Corals, the most important reef builders, are the mind-blowing living backbone that host a huge array of marine creatures, such as tropical fish, exotic eels and tiny critters. Let’s not forget the sea turtles, one of the oldest creatures on earth; whales and whale sharks, the enormous, gentle and magical creatures of the deep, which I have not seen yet. These experiences change each of us, especially in understanding how precious our oceans are.

3. Weightlessness and peaceful moments. Who does not want to trick gravity and find peace, away from the normality of each day? Imagine yourself floating with lots of fish around you listening to their sounds, this is one of my favourite reasons on why I do scuba diving.

4. Strength, stamina and flexibility; diving reduces stress levels as it improves the respiration and circulatory system. While moving through the water you activate all the parts of your muscles and the best thing is that you don’t get exhausted. The reason behind this is that the water provides buoyancy. Furthermore, diving is good exercise that improves your blood circulation by activating your muscles. While diving, your heart needs to supply oxygen to every working muscle. That results in a smooth and regulated blood flow.

5. Meeting new people. Diving is powerful for long-term connections and friends. You get to meet new people with similar or various areas of interest. They all share the same passion for our underwater world and for marine life. Diving allows us to make many friends, some for life!

6. You are building new knowledge and skills. Scuba diving is not just the Open Water course. There are so many other courses and specialty courses that you can take to upgrade your skills. You can even become a scuba diving master instructor, allowing you to grow and progress. Eventually what started as a hobby can become a profession, which is what's happened to me.

I could keep going and giving many other reasons why you should learn scuba diving, however, the only way to find your reasons and passion is to come diving!

Feeling inspired to start exploring the underwater world? Then come and join us. We have a fantastic adventure waiting for you, come discover for yourself the magic our underwater world possesses!

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